Data Analytics Consulting Services

Data analytics is the science of analyzing raw data in order to make conclusions about that information. It is the is the pursuit of extracting meaning from raw data using specialized computer systems. Heliosz offers Data Analytics Consulting Services which specializes in statistical data analysis, data visualization and reporting automation

At Heliosz, we help companies to harness the power of digital data to understand and improve digital experiences. Our team offers tailor-made experiences across channels drive the performance of digital investments and specialized datasets in e-commerce, digital marketing, and ad campaigns. We deliver digital strategy consulting and implementation solutions that understand the influence and returns for each digital analytics decision. Also, we help our clients to minimize risk, boost operational efficiency, create regulatory compliance frameworks, simplify supply chains, and identify new channels for growth and profitability.

Heliosz Data Analytics Methodology:
1. Align Analytics and Strategy
2. Break Down Silos
3. Bridge Skills and Process Gaps
4. Operationalize and Scale.

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Combine the right technology with specialised expertise. Our experienced team ensures your cloud data stack is performant, future-proof and secure. Here’s what we specialise in.

Data Pipeline

Marketing analytics is the practice of measuring, managing and analyzing marketing performance to maximize its effectiveness and optimize return on investment (ROI).


Customer Analytics

Customer analytics, also called customer data analytics, is the systematic examination of a company's customer information and customer behavior to identify, attract and retain the most profitable customers.


Supply Chain Analytics

Supply Chain Analytics aims to improve operational efficiency and effectiveness by enabling data-driven decisions at strategic, operational and tactical levels.


Risk Analytics

Risk Analytics improves fraud prevention across multiple digital channels with a self-learning solution that uses machine learning and data modeling.


Predictive Analytics

We offer solutions for Building Predictive Analytics based models for predicting the future behavior of customers using predictive customer behavior.