Data Lake

Data Pipeline Services

A data pipeline or data pipeline services is a set of actions that ingest raw data from disparate sources and move the data to a destination for storage and analysis.

Heliosz focuses on helping organizations and its business units solve the data-silo problem by developing data pipelines that can populate in Single Source of Truth data lakes while maintaining quality and consistency which would also increase the ability to share data effectively and accelerate time to business insights. We also help teams to manage explosive data growth in an efficient and scalable manner, leading to tremendous opportunities AI & ML have to offer in your digital transformation journey.

Our Services Include

  • Data Pipeline Strategy & Architecture
  • Design & Development
  • Data Pipeline Support
RPA Services

Product Optimization Services

Data Pipeline Building Applications Expertise

  • Data Warehouses
  • ETL Tools
  • Data Preparation Tools
  • Luigi, a workflow scheduler used to manage jobs and processes in Hadoop and similar systems.
  • Python, Java, Ruby, programming languages
  • AWS Data Pipelines, another workflow management service that schedules and executes data movement and processes.
  • Kafka, a real-time event streaming platform that allows you to move data between systems and applications and can also transform or react to these data streams.