Predict volume changes based on price changes and other attributes Micro segmentation of products/customers (portfolio) for alignment of pricing structures, Manage pricing thresholds, eliminate inefficient price points.


Feedback loops to access effectiveness and adjust Optimization based on sales seasonality and trends Optimal timing structure and depth

Algorithmic Trading & Risk Management

Strengthen your risk management techniques by centralizing risks that arise from various parts of your business. Leverage our powerful algorithms to spot new signals on price movements, allowing you to make more effective trading decisions.

Product Optimization Services

Helps in understanding how price changes affect the business and optimizing pricing strategy for maximum revenue. Gives the data insights to make better profit decision, removes guess work

Heliosz Strategy on Product Optimization

Heliosz Strategy on Product Optimization Solutions are as follows:

  • Analyze profitability of specific price points
  • Challenge increase with company growth – Multiple products with different price points, customer tiers, product bundles etc.
  • Problem areas – Pricing leaks, underpriced or overpriced product tiers, missed upsell opportunities
  • Metrics – Willingness to pay/ price sensitivity
  • What If scenarios to test pricing strategies, price elasticity, competitive positioning